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Rewarding Feedback is an innovative approach to customer experience management and marketing data collection. Customer experience data is collected at the time of the experience, through a handheld survey tablet or kiosk, and filtered through our unique software.

Actionable information collected via the survey is forwarded in real-time to on-site managers. Data is collected and available for a wide-array of analytical and reporting purposes.

Our leading-edge solution captures real-time customer satisfaction information, improves and rewards customer loyalty, tracks the customer relationship and provides your corporate office with a new and powerful way to monitor trends, improve performance and increase revenues. All of this is done while allowing your customers valued anonymity

With Rewarding Feedback you can:

Collect up-to-date and highly accurate customer experience, marketing and performance data for corporate HR, business and marketing analysis.

  1. Obtain timely and accurate customer experience data for each shift, restaurant, city, region and brand.

  2. Measure and improve manager performance.

  3. Help managers improve staff performance.

Rewarding Feedback provides unique opportunities to turn your staff and satisfied customer base into important revenue generators.

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